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This part of the website is designed specifically for those of you who are new or are just checking things out. We hope you get a good sense of who we are and why we exist through the following explanations and video clips, though this is really just a snapshot of a much larger picture. For that, we hope you join us and get connected to the community.


We're honored that you would take the time to journey with us. Scroll down to begin!


"Inspiring People To Live The Way of Jesus"


Every community needs a crystal clear focus, an anchor of security as an identity and as a guide for behavior. For us, it is the life, ministry, teachings, and person of Jesus.


Core Values Driven


Being Jesus-centered meant revisiting all our assumptions and accepted norms about "church." One of the main conclusions we drew from this thinking was to be "core values driven" rather than "statement of beliefs" or "doctrinally" driven.


Study & Questions

But to be Jesus-centered, and core values driven, we have to study well, and ask deep questions about ourselves and our faith. This combination of study and curiosity is perhaps one of the most important characteristics of our community.


Safe wrestling


We call this "wrestling," a holy and sacred struggle of figuring things out, together. This is especially true during the most critical times of our lives, and Spark is a safe place to hold the space that you inhabit in grace and understanding.


Doubt and tension


All of this means that doubt and tension will be with us for the rest of our journey. And that is okay.


It may get uncomfortable


So, core values, questions, tensions, doubts, and wrestling lead us to creating a community in which we are at times uncomfortable with what we're hearing or experiencing. This is hard for people who want to feel fully accepted at church. For us, we hope that Sparkers will embrace a little discomfort, for the sake of growth.


Sharing life


This is what it means to be in a community. The relationships we have with one another, the sharing of life that we do, is the context in which all of these values play out, and we hope that all who join our community experience this kind of connection.