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Sunday, February 4, 2024

Critical Race Theory & Biblical Interpretation

In the media today, the term “critical race theory” (CRT) is often thrown around as a buzzword to attract attention or to villainize. Among Christians, many fear CRT without understanding it, and some denominations even ban teaching it. This presentation explores the opposite stance by demystifying what critical race theory means and exploring how a Christian who finds CRT convincing might apply some of its ideas to interpreting the Bible. 

Part 1, Talk:

Part 2, Q&R:

Dr. Justin Michael Reed

Dr. Justin Michael Reed (he/him/his) is assistant professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and Interim Director of Black Church Studies at Louisville Seminary. Currently, he is writing The Injustice of Noah’s Curse (under contract with Oxford University Press), a book that combines his interest in Genesis, critical race theory, history of consequences, and literary approaches to the Bible. He earned his BA from Stanford, MTS from Harvard, and PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary. Justin is an ordained Baptist minister who enjoys teaching and preaching to people outside the ivory tower. He hoops occasionally (but not in church), and he’s head over heels about his partner and tiny tots.

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