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A conversational community on a relentless quest for understanding

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Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles


We are decidedly followers of Jesus.*

*Though this is the identity of our group, it is not necessarily the identity of individuals in the community. Members of Q...Group are Christians, agnostics, atheists, humanists, and everything in between. Everyone, regardless of religious or spiritual identity, is welcome to be a full participant in our community.


We are people for whom faith flourishes in conversation with the world.


We are radically curious. We converse, argue, and debate the best ideas as a means to wondrous discovery, better thinking, deeper understanding.


We pursue truth wherever it takes us, embracing tensions, complexities, and nuances along the way.


We believe there is nothing to fear in changing our minds or our heartsHumility, and maturity are necessary partners.


We respect the humanity of our individual and collective journeys.


We will love one another in word and in deed all along the way.



The following four problems are fundamental to the human condition for which Q...Group is striving to be a solution.

loneliness | community & belonging

ignorance | education & study

disintegration | holistic synthesis

dogmatism | curiosity & discovery





The leadership team is committed to Q...Group's culture and guiding principles, and are caretakers of the Q...Group community and identity.



Responsible for leading, teaching/communicating, arbitrating conflicts, and "pastoring."


Responsible for curating, creating, and leading spiritual elements and practices.


Responsible for our culture of welcome, assimilation, and connection.

What to Expect



7:00 p.m.

Doors open. Welcome!




Conversational Teach


Small Groups




Hang out & Connection

12:00 a.m.

Okay, seriously, go home. We'll miss you! ;-)

Our "curricula"


Our “curricula” is shaped and formed provocations* submitted by the Q…Group community. We are open to all topics, subjects, and inquiries and will commit to deeper thinking, understanding, the pursuit of wisdom, and encouragement for a meaningful life.

* A “provocation” is a “giving voice to” an issue, topic, question or concern. It is not an “antagonism” or a “riling up.”

Guidelines For Participation



Take care, and pay attention, seeking to understand the dynamic of the group, conversation, and emotional state of the community.

Ask a question

We do not want our time to be dominated by uninformed opinions, assertions, or arguments. Pose your thoughts in the form of a question.


Give space

Take space, then step back. Be mindful of who is sharing, and invite all to join the conversation. Include virtual attendees, and follow through with questions to help participants feel heard.

Contribute sincere questions & provocations, presence, experience, and food!

Share life with others (celebrations, activities, etc.)!

Invite others to join the ethic, space, community, and aim of Q...Group!

The Ocean & The Fog


The image of the ocean and the fog is a metaphor for our journey together.


The ocean illustrates the vastness of the world we are navigating. The exploration of our faith is immense and seemingly boundless.


The fog obscures our knowledge of the future, and reminds us not only of our ignorance, but of the possibilities that lie beyond our vision.


These truths humble us and inspire us to embrace the joy of discovery.


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a community, a space, a posture, and a goal

Welcome to Q...Group!

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