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November 16, 2020

Do Justly

An honest conversation on how to think about racial, cultural, and operational dynamics when giving to non-profit organizations.





Our Panelists

CAREN (linkedin pic).jpeg

Caren McNelly McCormack


The Kilgoris Project


Lisa Jackson

Managing Partner

Imago Dei Fund

KATIE STEVENS BOLAND (linkedin pic).jpeg

Katie Stevens Boland

Board Chair

Village Enterprise


Twesigye Jackson Kaguri


Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project

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"We have two specific goals with this offering. One, that everyone who is within our spheres of influence feels invited to ask critical questions and to participate in critical conversations. It is our hope that we all together feel bold and courageous enough to get a little uncomfortable on the most important issues with which we all wrestle. Our second goal is to equip you, the generous giver, with the perspective, understanding, and philosophies that will guide your donations. We know you want to make a difference, and we hope this time will address some of the questions you may have and give you better understanding of what to consider and how to think when giving and supporting the causes you care about."

Pastor Kevin Neuner

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