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April, 2020


For Our Disrupted Times

YouTube Live! Conversations Speakers

These conversations were designed to ground our community in understanding, curiosity, and wisdom, so we can engage our disrupted times in healthier ways. We hope they inspire us to think better and breathe deeper. We hope you'll gain some practical tools and helps, but also be inspired to think differently, and live better as a result. Curated from Spark pastors and members, all are invited to join, watch, comment and question.


Watch & Listen:

In our conversation with Pastor Danielle, we will explore: What is a "spiritual guide?" What are "spiritual disciplines?" How does this differ from counseling or therapy? What spiritual practices have helped in your life? What spiritual practices do we see in The Way of Jesus? How can we make those spiritual practices a regular part of our lives? How would you guide someone who is brand new to the idea of spiritual practices as a way of living through disrupted times?

In our conversation with Dr. David Chen we will explore: How do trained medical professionals process the news? How do we discern real medical science through what we read in the headlines? How does a medically trained parent currently behave with little ones? What are the main concerns and strategies (from the not so real concerns)? How does the medical system work in crises like this? What can we learn, and how can we make things better from here? How does a doctor think about The Way of Jesus and medicine?

In our conversation with Pastor Tom we will explore: For those who are brand new to investing, What is the stock market and what does it mean to invest? Is this a "good time" and what does that even mean? How does a financial manager think in times like these? What are the right perspectives? What have we learned, financially, in this crisis and what lessons should we be taking away from this time and season? How does a financial manager who follows Jesus think about Jesus' teachings about money?

In our conversation with Siddhi we will explore: What is "storytelling" and why is it so important? What draws us, at a biological level, to stories, characters, and their journeys? What makes a good story and why should we tell good stories? Are there any "bad" stories that we should be cautious of, and how do we identify them? How should we tell the Jesus story in this time and season?

In our conversation with Pastor Omair we will explore: First, what is technology? Then, what is technology doing to us? What are technology's "effects" on our humanity. Far beyond the popular debates of "social media," what does science say about "electronic mediums" and their effects on our minds and relationships? What are we learning about ourselves in this "digital age?" Are digital technologies changing faith, and the ways in which we understand The Way of Jesus?

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